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Flume Drops New Album!

Sydney’s own musical whiz kid 20 year old, Harley Streten, aka Flume has just released his debut self-titled album. Widely labelled as the “next big thing” in electro music Flume has entered at #2 on the iTunes charts and has been reviewed by Rolling Stone as “scarily close to perfect”. Some of the favourites include opening track Sintra, first single Holdin On and hip hop number On Top. We’re definitely having it on repeat here in the Cyanide office, just waiting … Continue Reading

New Timomatic Single! – If Looks Could Kill

Aussie performer Timomatic has just released his latest single! Titled If Looks Could Kill, it’s sure to hit the charts and is definitely a catchy tune we’ll be singing along to ;) Check out the flashy, dance-filled video below. -Cyanide

KG drops “In My Thoughts” Mixtape

Aussie Hip Hop and R ‘n B artist KG just dropped his much anticipated In My Thoughts mixtape! Our favourites include his single track Everybody In The Club as well as the impressive Life So Good. To get your hands on the mixtape visit his Facebook page here and click the download link. He’s surely got big things in store for the future so keep an eye out for him! (Not to mention a new video!) – The Cyanide Crew

blink-182 is back! New single – Up All Night

blink-182 has just dropped their new single “Up All Night” off their yet to be named upcoming 6th studio release album. You can listen to it below. Only a few weeks till we get the rest of it! – The Cyanide Crew

New Patrick Stump Single ft. Lupe Fiasco – This City

If you haven’t already heard the new single by Patrick Stump (of Fall Out Boy fame) you can have a listen below. We’ve had it on repeat and thought we should share the tune. “This City” is off Stump’s upcoming debut album “Soul Punk” which is to be released towards the end of July. – Cyanide

Skateboard Graffiti – D*Face Pool Paint Attack

Wow! Put together by London-based artist D*Face, these guys came up with a “spray paint skateboard interface” and let rip on an empty swimming pool. Check out the crazy result below. – Cyanide Source: Concrete Disciples

Timomatic Tipped to Win Australia’s Got Talent

Timomatic’s performance on Australia’s Got Talent last night brought the house down! Likened to Justice Crew’s winning show from last year we surely think he’s in with a great chance. Check out his video below and see what you reckon. Voting ends Friday 8/7 so get in if you think he’s a winner! -The Cyanide Crew Timomatic repping a Cyanide Clothing Black/Gel Liquorice Tee. Available here.

E-Ink on Cloth? Imagine the Possibilities!

E-Ink Holdings, which makes the display tech behind Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, can now print updatable digital displays onto cloth. Of course, there are the crazy possibilities such as using t-shirts as advertising space but we’d really love to have a go creating animated designs for our gear. Imagine that! The technology is apparently fully developed, and is merely awaiting someone inventing a use-case and funding E-Ink to produce a real product. We can’t wait for it, maybe we should take … Continue Reading

Tempest Freerunning Academy – Gym Video

Woah!! Check out these guys and girls from Tempest Free Running Academy showing off their incredible skills at their brand spanking new gym in LA. It’s the world’s first indoor parkour playground and totals an area more than 7000 square feet. We like that one of their sections looks like a scene out of Super Mario and also the beast of a move at 1:24 in the video. We’re now thinking of taking up freerunning.. or not, they make it … Continue Reading

Barefoot Moron or Barefoot Genius?

A mate of Cyanide’s Managing Director has been causing a bit of a stir in the fashion community lately. Charlie Cotton, currently known as ‘barefoot guy’, took a brave trip down the runway at this year’s Rosemount Australian Fashion week. Lasting only a few seconds, the stunt has got him attention from a number of blogs and newspapers, not to mention a small chunk of the YouTube community. In an interview with MX Newspaper, Charlie revealed his interest in the … Continue Reading